A retelling of The Count of Monte Cristo, set in Soviet Russia.



When Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the Russian Nobel Laureate and dissident, was only a baby, his father Isaak died in a hunting accident.

Oh, really?

Then explain how we come to be in possesion of a copy of ‘The Confession of Isaak Solzhenitsyn’, written in 1951, thirty years after his death.

A document judged so inflamatory that it has remained sealed by order of the N.K.V.D. for the past fifty years, only coming to light after the death of Aleksandr.

Kristo: The Count of Monte Cristo, set in Soviet Russia

Created by Sheikman and Roads
Writer and Letterer: Sam Roads
Pencils and Inks: Alex Sheikman
Colours: Kris Carter
Script Edits: Yannick Morin

“The Count of Monte Cristo is masterfully retold in this excellent take on Stalin’s Russia.” – Pat Mills (creator of 2000AD)

“Promising work from bright new talent.” – David Lloyd (Aces Weekly, V for Vendetta)

“As much an illustrated Murder Ballad as Graphic Novel, Sam and Alex have created a dark humoured yet emotionally affecting tragic tale with a final fabulous literary coda.” – Mike Collins (Doctor Who, Judge Dredd)

“Brings a real freshness to the tale.” – Benjamin Dickson (Fight the Power)

“A staggeringly professional and elegant story from a writer in his element. Cracking!” – Jon Lock (Afterlife Inc.)

“Kristo is a graphic novel tour de force. Taut poetic storytelling matched with riveting imagery. Perfect example of why graphic novels are my preferred medium.” – Jessica Martin (It Girl).


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