Silicon Heart Issue 3: Happy Families


The happiness of melding is short-lived after Chloe finds a way to force Jan and Rho apart, and no-one, least of all them, expects what happens next.



A graphic novel about love and prejudice, Silicon Heart is set thirty years from now, in the Welsh Valleys.

January is a bullied teenager who finds solace in the embrace of Synthetic Being Rho. Her friends and family are unready to accept this, but when January takes a stand against the prejudice of the law, no-one is prepared for what happens next…

Issue 3: Happy Families

Writer & Letterer: Sam Roads
Artist: Kat Nicholson

“Silicon Heart, through enchanting art and a wonderfully woven story, has shown us what our art form, at its best, can truly achieve – a story that speaks to the human heart in all of us.” – Art Holcomb (X-Men, The Avengers)

“An earthy, promising, post-modern day love story.” –

“Refreshing, charming and engaging.” – Starburst Magazine


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