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Cryowulf Issue 1 Softcover


Cryowulf Issue 1: Grendel Comes Softcover

A gender-flipped retelling of Beowulf, set on a long abandoned space-station.

A thousand years since the screens went dark, Heorot station balances above the maw. A thousand years since the unwomen fell. Ritual keeps the singularity ticking. And a thousand years since Grendel first fed, Apprentice Crow looks at the forbidden writing, and wonders…

Issue 1: Grendel Comes

Writer: Sam Roads Artist: Ben Matsuya


“The book so far is just fantastic–brilliant work! The story begins to slowly build quite nicely and has a lot of punch at the end, due in no small part to the amazing drawings–that last panel is a masterpiece!! Just stunning and gorgeous and scary as hell. Next level stuff! Cannot wait to read more.” – Craig Kellman (Madagascar)

“Looks excellent” – David Lloyd (V for Vendetta)

“The storytelling is expert and welcoming, subtle and smooth.” – Art Holcomb (Star Trek)

“Daring” – AP2HYC.com

“Super impressed” – The Dork Review

“A truly breath taking and mind blowing read” – Pipedream Comics

“Drips tension” – WorldGeeklyNews

“The story only got better after each read” – The Fantasy Inn

“There is a warmth that you wouldn’t expect from a story set in space” – Fandemonium Network

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